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Help children in foster care see their parents more often by driving them to family visits. 

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Family Visits Can Help
Children Go Home Sooner

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Frequency of family visits is among the best predictors of family reunification. 

Time together reinforces attachment, provides comfort and boosts family engagement. 

COVID Contributed to
Social Isolation for Foster Children

Volunteer Drivers Can Help Increase Birth Family Visits

As youth and families struggled with social isolation and online learning at home, visits with birth families also moved online and at times became less frequent.


Children in foster care cope daily with the trauma and stresses of family separation.  Help increase face-to-face visits and decrease social isolation by becoming a Child Welfare Volunteer Driver.

Help Children and Parents Spend More Time Together

More Family Visits

Child Welfare can increase the number of child-family visits with your help.  More visits lead to quicker family reunification.  Transportation is a major barrier to frequent family visits.  

Become a volunteer driver for Marion County Child Welfare and change the course of a child's life!

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Child Welfare is looking for
Volunteer Drivers who... 
  • Enjoy spending time with children of all ages

  • Desire to support the well-being of child welfare-involved children and families

  • Are able to consistently provide multiple short (30-45 minute) *rides each week.  The more flexible your time, the more children you can support

  • Can provide safe, reliable rides and have a good driving record

  • Are willing to use state or personal vehicle (insurance required) 

  • Are able to pass state and federal background checks

  • Are able to commit to at least 6 months as a Child Welfare driver

  • Are full vaccinated for COVID-19 and are willing to wear a mask while volunteering

* Based on the federal reimbursement rate, a typical drive of about 10 miles is reimbursed at ~$6 

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Application Timeline

The registration process takes about 2 months.  See the timeline below for more information. 

Smart Phone Call

Initial Interview
~2 weeks

Contact the Child Welfare Volunteer Services Coordinator for an initial interview to determine whether the  position is a good fit for you.

If it is, you move on to the next step- background checks and online training.

Studying Online

Background  Check and Online Training

~4 weeks

Complete the online application, including information for a background check.  Child Welfare runs state and federal *background checks.

Begin online training :

  • Prevent Discrimination and Harassment in Workplace

  • Mandatory Reporter

  • Info Security

  • Public Records

  • Defensive Driving


~3 weeks

  • Sign position description

  • Receive Child Welfare ID badge/e-key

  • Vehicle inspection

  • Car seat training

  • *Outlook and TRIPS access

  • Ride along drive with an ODHS staff member 

  • Reporting requirements and reimbursement procedures training

* Microsoft Outlook is used for trip scheduling. TRIPS is for reporting.

Get Started Today

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Oregon Child Welfare is looking for volunteer drivers in the  greater Salem area.

Are you interested in becoming a child welfare volunteer driver?

Call Chelle Bettis Today

To see if you can become a volunteer driver.

Marion County Child Welfare

Community Development Coordinator

 (503) 602-9312



CP3 is a public-private partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS)